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I have never had a claim and have paid for a 6 mo policy.

My truck was vandalized in my driveway, some one was trying to break in. I filed a police report, and called national general to make a claim. Was given a number to an adjuster, called him. He then gave me a number to the the guy who comes and takes pictures of the damage.

I waited a day and called adjuster back, he told me that he didn't have the report, to call back in a couple of days. I called back and he told me that the damages did not match up with my claim. That it was suspicious. I informed him that this was a safety issue bc i can't lock my doors and my alarm was disabled. That i needed this fixed now. He in turn told me that if i was that concerned, i should just take my truck down to get it fixed, and pay for it myself. He also tried telling me that I didn't have rental car insurance, which i do and had to prove that i did.

I will be calling again today.

This company is the worst ever!! Very dishonest, rude and a complete rip off!

Do not ever use them!!

I will be cancelling my policies as soon as I get this settled.

Horrible company and employees!!

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